Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bob Marshall: Virginia GOP Pressures Me '7 Days A Week' To Drop Anti-Abortion Agenda

You wrote: Liars --- NO FREE PILLS.

Insurance is purchased, NOT FREE. The Rx medications are PURCHASED, NOT FREE. The govt pays no part. Employers pay wages as both cash & BENEFITS for workers earned SWEAT OFF THEIR BROWS. NOT FREE.

No free pills, satanic lie told by satanists. Jesus called all liars satanists: JOHN 8:44.

Stop lying. Stop spreading lies.


Pills are cheaper than baby births then 26 years of healthcare on parent's policy.


Stop lying. Liars are NOT CHRISTIANS.

1 minute ago Robert Grif

Gee, I don't know what the problem is if all the employees are paying the full cost of the insurance and the company contributes nothing. We don't need Obamacare. Please tell that to Obama, I don't think he understands you're paying all the costs and getting nothing free.

1 second ago Ms Liann

Obama understands very well. You are the one still fuzzy.



Business has an IRS classification that is NOT A CHURCH.

CHURCH has an IRS classification that is NOT A BUSINESS.

The only party confused is you, mixing up church and businesses.

Insurance is REQUIRED FOR EMPLOYEES. Employee wages pay for it, but businesses cannot dodge the requirement like they have in the past. EMPLOYERS USED TO STIFF THE WORKERS on health insurance, but not anymore. It is wages, just like MINIMUM WAGE is wages. Sure you WANT to pay $1/hour hour but AMERICA won't let you. Sure you want to avoid paying wages as health insurance but AMERICA won't let you. AMERICA HAS MINIMUM STANDARDS THAT ALL BUSINESSES MUST MEET.

Liars who are BUSINESSES pretending to be churches are not fooling anybody. If it is LICENSED as a business, then it is NOT A CHURCH.

Ms Liann
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1 second ago ( 1:24 AM)
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The entire anti-healthcare crusade is satanically-based to keep sick people from getting well, perhaps to push them into dying sooner, but never to keep healthy people well. The church thing is satanic deception: these "religious businesses" were giving out healthcare insurance as wage-benefits for years, even decades, which covered birth control of varied assortment. It is NOT to defend any religious principle on birth control.

46,000 people die each year whom are BARRICADED from getting healthcare in time to save their lives. The churches might as well be tossing them off of hospital rooftops to their deaths in mass graves below.

Birth-control is used as a satanic deception to shift the argument, from slaughter of the weak and meek, to morality about loose women who fornicate. Lush Ribald even said as much on his show condemning Sandra Fluke because the more sex she had the more free pills she needed.

Women use those medications to not die from unwanted childbirth because their bodies are worn out from overwork at Walmart and they can't afford to take time out of work to give birth either. Is there NO KINDNESS, NO UNDERSTANDING in the church people today?

6 minutes ago Robert Grif
The wall of separation between church and state is to protect the church from the state and not the state from the church. Do you always yell when speak? Catholic church's and many others don't think they should be forced to pay for your abortion pills. And they are being forced to pay indirectly in their payemnts to the insurance companies. Please stop yelling - it detracts from your ignorance.

1 second ago Ms Liann
Satanic LIAR: JOHN 8:44

The STATE is required to be protected from religious tyranny.


The history of the extremely EVIL CATHOLIC CHURCH is no secret. It is well know the despicable evil this church has done in EVERY CENTURY right up to now.

The PROTESTORS left the church and many left Europe to get away from CATHOLIC TYRANNY.

The REASON that the current pope has SWISS GUARDS is a reward for them beheading and burning at the stake so many protestors who wanted FREEDOM. Pennsylvania was founded by some who fled the mass murders of the Swiss Catholics. The Pilgrims fled religious tyranny. Rhode Island was founded to escape the religious tyranny of Massachusetts.

There is a WALL OF SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE that blocks both directions.

1 second ago Ms Liann
Catholics for decades gladly paid for birth control in insurance plans in many of the institutions now joined in lawsuit battle against the poor and meek getting healthcare. It is satanic lie to pretend that catholics hate birth control. It is NOT ABOUT PILLS, it's about power.

The church is being used as an instrument of oppression and a political arm of the republican party. It is not about Pills, it's about a black man making healthcare available to people that the rich are exterminating at a rate of 46,000 excess deaths per year due to denial of healthcare access. It's about white power and privilege, that poor people can elect their own president now without deference to bishops or CEOs.